We wrote this one for Mindy over at the Mindy Project!

Watch the promo music video Fox cut together for the new season below

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          Check out "Lately" acoustic live on the Sarcastic News Show

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          David Bowick - Vocals / Guitar - Ocelot Robot
          David is a licensed minister who loves buying cheap guitars on Craigslist. If you can't find your chili powder, it's because he's using it as a shaker on a record he's producing.

          Nate Hertweck - Guitar - Ocelot Robot
          Despite his less than stellar eyesight, Nate can see through any bulls#!t that is put in front of him and has a better memory than elephant and an angry woman combined.

          Marc Mutnansky - Bass - Ocelot Robot
          Marc is from Arizona but sleeps in a converted porch in Culver City. He drives a root beer brown honda element and rarely wears underwear.

          Geoff Godfrey - Drums - Ocelot Robot
          Geoff is the loudest drummer you've ever heard and has no qualms about it. He's a master of the grill. He doesn't always drink whiskey, but when he does he prefers Bulleit Bourbon.

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